Huge Selection

We represent over 100 quality manufacturers and distributors of adult merchandise offering a total of more than 80,000 products. That's about the biggest selection you'll find on any independent adult merchandise site, and we dig deep to find you the best price on every product we display.

Speed And Convenience

Find what you're looking for quickly with precision searches, instant product description displays, fewer page reloads, no distracting extra content or up-selling, and no login to save your items. Search by keywords OR general category to browse. Use both if you've got something really specific in mind.

Privacy And Discretion

You don't want to be on another mailing list, have your credit card statements suspect, or wonder about discreet packaging. We get it. Fortunately, all our products are already in Amazon warehouses. We coordinate all our manufacturer and distributor stock through direct API access to our partners and Amazon's inventory database in real time. When you're done shopping here, we'll send you to Amazon for payment and direct shipping so there are no new names in the loop to complicate things for you. No sign up required. Your Prime benefits even apply if you're a member.

Double-Checked Prices

Because prices can change in the blink of an eye when dealing with this many products and distributors, we'll run a last minute check before your items are transferred to Amazon's cart so you're sure to get best price available, including surprise new sale prices.

No Hassles

No sign up means no hassles later. We can't contact you. You come back when you're ready with no promo emails or pestering. Be sure to bookmark us so you can find us again!